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Take a narrated stroll around Downtown Vista!

Would you like a tourist guide of sorts to point out some of Downtown's many surprises?

Simply listen in below... or download the tour from whereever you get your podcasts (search on "Vista Made Tours").

At the left you'll find photos of each stop and the people who are guiding you along the way!

Destinations and interviews along the way

Get started: 00:00-01:50

Public Lemon: 01:50-03:35

Backfence Society: 03:36-05:13

Margarita Fischer Mural: 05:14-06:14

Meet your public art tour guide: 06:15-07:10

Art at corner of Citrus and Main: 07:11-8:26

Rotary Lane area: 08:27-09:52

1929 Vista Fire Department mural: 09:53-10:21

Avo Playhouse: 10:22-11:18

Moonry Collective: 11:19-12:45

The 395 Mural Corner: 12:46 -14:02

Vista’s Steampunk art: 14:03-14:49

Twice on Main: 14:50-16:34

Vistacado Parade Mural: 16:35-18:09

Art at corner of N. Indiana and Main: 18:10-19:10

Tortilleria los Reyes: 19:11-21:13

When Pigs Fly: 21:14-23:42

Love Locks and Gazebo: 23:43-24:31

First National Bank Building: 24:32-26:56

Art at corner of Main and Hanes Street: 26:57-27:59

Crozier’s Flowers: 27:60-30:02

Hanes Place/Mom’s Kitchen/MILK Organics: 30:03-30:20

Standards Records: 30:21-31:59

Bear Roots Brewing/Best Pizza & Brew/Paseo Santa Fe: 32:00-32:41

Peppertree Frosty: 32:42-34:35

Danny’s Donuts/Traffic circle sculpture: 34:36-35:41

Vista Flower Shop: 35:42-37:15

The Film Hub: 37:16-37:37

Art at corner of Broadway and S. Indiana: 37:38-39:50

Alley Art Man/Belching Beaver/Dog Haus/Yellow Deli: 39:51-40:27

Vista’s Broadway Theater: 40:28-42:26

Hidden mural gems: 42:27-43:35

Beads, Crystals & More: 43:36-46:00

Wrapping up/Credits: 46:01-47:07