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Shhh... here are some local favorite hangouts

Visitors to Downtown Vista naturally ask about “local favorites” when it comes to eating, shopping, entertainment and the arts.  Well, the diversity of options that Vista offers makes it impossible to come up with any final list!

But here's a start... along with one (of many reasons) people tell us they love each of these spots. And we’ll keep updating this roundup of local favs frequently, so come on back! 


210 E. Broadway

The one thing:  Fresh local organic ingredients.
Milk is where vegans and carnivores can happily coexist.  While Milk specializes in vegan and vegetarian dishes, the real focus is on using fresh local organic ingredients.  The result is delicious sandwiches, wraps, fruit bowls, doughnuts and amazing desserts — including options for non-vegan eaters.


Clay N’ Latte

20 Main Street, Suite H-110

The one thing: hands-on fun for all ages.
Let your creative right brain go wild even if you have trouble drawing stick figures. Clay N’ Latte provides the guidance, tools and supplies to help you create amazing one-of-kind pottery pieces (yes, you can do it). Enjoy open hours or plan a party with friends. Kids and adults equally love this place.


Los Reyes Tortilleria

218 Main Street

The one thing: Hot fresh handcrafted tortillas.
Many don’t realize Vista has a factory downtown — cranking out warm, fresh tortillas that are then sold and served in homes and restaurants throughout North County. The factory is in full swing from 6-10 a.m. on Sundays and Mondays… when you can watch all the action. Also inside is a well-stocked grocery, meat market and counter where you pick up homemade tamales, street tacos and more Mexican specialties.


Curbside Café

307 Main Street

The one thing: Addicting cinnamon rolls.
Curbside Café has been serving up phenomenal breakfast and lunches for years. But you haven’t really experienced the place until you’ve ordered the giant, savory cinnamon roll. You might want to share the cinnamon roll with a dining partner (unless you don’t want to eat anything else!). Get there early… cinnamon rolls often sell out!


Open Mic Night

110 S. Citrus Avenue

The one thing: Judgement-free place to create.
Open Mic Night is one of the many programs hosted by the Backfence Society, a collaborative organization of artists, musicians and other creatives. And this is just the ticket for any singer, songwriter, poet, musician or other creative who wants to present or perform. Open Mic Night happens on the first and third Friday each month beginning at 7:30 p.m. This is the ideal place to come if you want to test out your talents in a supportive atmosphere… then come back again and again!


Don Felipe's Mexican Bakery

613 S. Santa Fe Avenue

The one thing: Conchas.
Don Felipe’s Panaderia is much more than a Mexican bakery. You also can order breakfast, sandwiches, tamales and more — featuring the amazing rolls, breads and sweets that are baked on site. A fan favorite are Conchas, lightly sweet breakfast rolls that are popular all day. And many items are fusions from other cultures like the Pañales de Queso, a flaky Danish roll filled with a homemade sweet cheese.


Standards Records

216 E. Broadway

The one thing: Vinyl recordings rule.
Audiophiles rejoice! Here’s where to find that Led Zepplin LP you’ve been looking for to complete your record collection. Standards will overload your senses with amazing cover art that digital downloads just can’t compete with. Be prepared to spend lots of time here going through the treasure trove of wax.


Yellow Deli “Coffee Hideaway”

315 E. Broadway

The one thing: Where “chill out” is real.
Sure, Yellow Deli is famous for its amazing building and fresh, healthy food. But there’s an even more chilled out spot in this already-chilled-out restaurant. Head up the spiral staircase to the Mate Addic & Lounge where you can grab a latte, tea or other beverage and simply relax. No bright lights or pretense, just a comfortable spot when you want to escape most of humanity.