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Where Is It?

So, how well do you know the sites and sounds of Vista?  Below are visual clues we occasionally post on social media as a fun "pop" quiz on the whereabouts of Vista landmarks.  Below you can match the "clues" with a full photo and details about the attraction!

Scroll down until you see the "clue" photo that captured your curiosity.


Memorial Park

There is perhaps no better place for reflection than Memorial Park, along Paseo Santa Fe across from the Pepper Tree and Best Pizza & Brew eating establishments. The Letters from Home sculpture by artist Rip Caswell provides a solemn backdrop to honor the brave men and women who’ve sacrificed to keep our country safe and free.


Into The Current

You'll find Into The Current near the entrance to the Wave Waterpark, a perfect setting for this sculpture created by Janis Selby Jones. The piece represents the massive collections of debris that collects at the so-called "Great Pacific Garbage Patch." The plastic pieces used in the sculpture were found on nearby beaches.


Love Locks sculpture

OK, this shadowy shot is one of Downtown Vista's most popular spots — the Love Locks sculpture on Main Street.  Couples from all over are symbolically "locked together" in love right here in Vista!


Vista Village Creek Walk

The Wild Horses statue series along the Vista Village Creek Walk is a sight to behold. Find these beauties just south of the Wave Waterpark on West Broadway.  Stroll over the creek bridge to Frazier Farms Market and nearby restaurants and businesses.