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Kingdom Kutz offers a different definition for 'barber'

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Donnell Hilliard says his goal is provide service that few barbers provide... starting with a simple conversation. He wants to get to know you before anything else starts.

The smooth, bold and cozy Kingdom Kutz barber shop welcomes everyone in for a chat whether they get their hair cut or not. Hair styling is only the beginning. The typical experience also includes a relaxing session with soothing towels on one's face (try to stay awake!)... and a facial steam to open and clear out the skin pores.

A rare razor shave is included. Even an adult beverage is nearby as you float back to earth.

Bottom line, says Donnell, he wants men to take more time for themselves.  And he's now opened the spot where they can capture that time

Kingdom Kutz is located at 101 S. Indiana Avenue in Downtown Vista, California.

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