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New ‘Day of the Dead’ art collection arrives at Guadalupe Brewery Tap House

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David Lozeau knew little about Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration known as el Día de los Muertos when he moved to North County 20 years ago.

But the beauty of honoring those who have passed along with the vibrant colors of the holiday inspired him as an artist. Now, 15 years later, Day of the Dead fills every day for Lorzeau whose artistic style has become well recognized around the world.

Lorzeau’s works have been on display at Guadalupe Brewery Tap House, 631 S. Santa Fe, for several years in Downtown Vista. A new exhibit of his works recently went up. And Lorzeau will be doing a live painting demonstration Saturday, Dec. 9 from 4-9 p.m.

Hear more from Lorzeau directly in the video above!